Patience is a virtue...

There's Nothing to Fear About a Ritual

Photography, Laser Cutting, Illustration, Installation

About the project

I used to spend a great deal of time at the intersection of fear and art-making. My fear had nothing to do with making “bad” art, which is perhaps what is assumed artists fear the most. I was afraid of making art that was good yet overdone, limited, and uninspired. Whenever my work seemed to be doing this, I would often stop making art altogether.

Writing instructions began as a motivational tactic. Over time, they became integral to the evolution of my work – forcing me to value process over product, experimentation over rules, creation over analysis. Each text piece in this series is an instruction I wrote for myself: "Construct a landscape", "Intrude", "Tell unfinished stories". Each image is my interpretation and execution of those instructions.

During installation, I wrote a final instruction for the audience to better communicate this ritual. The piece titled "Create something ever-changing" is a large mirror etched with the metering markings of a camera's viewfinder. I added a secondary instruction to "#placeaphotographhere" - encouraging viewers to take pictures of the mirror from any angle, thus "placing" their perspective on the gallery wall. This piece is ever-changing, therefore the project as a whole - much like the ritual itself - remains in a permanent state of development.

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Construct a landscape.
Escape a prison of existing formulas.
Communicate concisely.
Sit in darkness until someone enters and turns on the lights.
Take it too far.
Tell unfinished stories.

(because finished stories are boring and forgettable)
Print one of your better images.

Throw it on the floor.
Shoot 1000.

Choose 3.
Create something ever-changing.

Installation views